Greg DiPalma

November 07, 2016

Deka Intimidator Battery

Quick little video on a product that I have not only used for the past 10 years but will continue to use for years to come. I cannot stress the importance of having the proper batteries in your boat. The video attached explains the batteries I currently run and recommend to anyone in need of batteries. Make sure to check them out at Vineland Auto Electric.


Vineland Auto Electric
382 S. Delsea Dr.
Vineland NJ, 08360


                 Cumberland County's Canines Keep You And Your Loved Ones Safe


Please Help Secure This Important Public Safety Program

The Cumberland County K9 teams are a highly specialized unit of handlers and canines that provide much needed assistance in criminal investigations. Boomer, a former and beloved K9 unit member, elevated the profile of this public safety program focused on our schools. Like his canine counterparts and their handlers, Boomer actively served as an integral team member of the State Police Detect and Render Safe Task Force.


Today, community leaders are joining forces to pay tribute to this special dog through a fund raising effort aimed at expanded and securing this valuable education safety initiative. The Cumberland County K9 Unit is prepared 24/7 to protect and defend current and future generations of Cumberland County and New Jersey residents.


What does it take to train a dog in the K9 program?

K9 handlers and their partners attend specialized K9 training facilities and programs that can last as long has 25 weeks. Handlers are also responsible for monthly training which is required for the life of their partner dogs. Despite rigorous training which requires long hours, handlers continue to work with their canine seven on their days off.


What are the benefits of this program?

The teams of Cumberland County’s canines are incredibly efficient and each is trained to search an area faster than any officer.  These top dogs can also smell a suspect hiding behind a door or in closed areas like closets and who might be armed with a weapon. They can run faster than any officer and easily retain suspects on the run.


How can you help?


The maintenance, equipment and resources required for this important program including the expense to purchase these important canines, is costly. Cumberland County seeks your help to help defray these expenses by supporting the K9 program with your corporate or individual pledge.


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