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At Vineland auto electric we do not believe all battery charges are equal that is why we sell the Associated Equipment Corporation Brand of Chargers. They provide these Unique Safety and Quality Features:


Stop/Go Light (PATENTED)
Patented Polarity protection system prevents damage to the vehicle's electronics and protects operators too. Red light warns if first connection is wrong. Green light indicates correct polarity.

Safety Clamps
Covered with vinyl insulation - they will not arc or spark if they touch each other or car parts. "FLEXI-SPRING" cable guards relieve cable stress and extend cable life.

Multi-Diode Rectifier (PATENTED)
Spare diodes are built in to create a redundant system to "take over automatically in cases of failure". Eliminates down time and/or expensive repairs.

Vacuum Impregnated Isolation Transformers
To meet UL/CSA Outdoor Standards; minimizes transformer vibration to extend product life and reduce noise.