• 21TR - MultiColor technology provides two full signals out of one lighthead - No compromising of signal strength or size by splitting an LED in half to get two colors

  • Turn MultiColor Red/White or Blue/White lightheads in the front into an all white takedown

  • Standard 21TR & 21TR-EU  deliver all the qualities the 2100 has been known for with new Torus LED technology corner and directional lightheads that provide far superior directional and off-angle performance. Economical, yet advanced, this lightbar offers standard features providing the brightest basic lightbar on the market.

  • 21TR Plus is a full featured, economical lightbar with new Torus LED technology. Central controller features and options are the same as the Defender and RX 2700CC . Features include the NarrowStik, flashing takedowns and alleys, and corner cruise lights.

Design Features

  • Two Unique Levels of Lighting in a 3” High Lightbar

  • Single Color Upper (ProAxis Optics™ Technology) LEDs in Red, Blue or Amber

  • Powerful Lower Level LEDs for use as Takedowns, Alley, Rear Arrowstik, Flashing & Intersection Lights in White or Amber

  • C3 Pro™ Interface Programming for almost Unlimited Number of Flash Pattern Options

  • Corner Intersection Sweeping Flash Pattern for Lower Level Lights

  • Integrated Lens Sealing System

  • Encapsulated Control Electronics

  • Serial Network Control: Thin, Flexible Wiring Harness

  • PC Programming Software

  • Internal Wiring Channels



Standard Options

  • Auto Dimming with Photocell

  • Lower Level Traffic Director

  • Upper Lenses Available in Red, Blue, Amber or Clear

  • Internal Illuminated Sign Module (protected from weathering)

Road Services


Emergency Vehicles Outfitting
Police, Fire, EMS, and Road Service
Warning Lighting Red, Blue, and Amber
Tower Scene Lighting
Sirens and PA Systems
Specialty 12 volt - 120 volt Wiring
Install Inverters and Chargers
Custom Built Cabinets
Automatic throttles and engine governors



Test & Rebuild

Alternators, Generators / Starters from these manufacturers



Speedometer Calibration / Repair

We will certify your vehicle’s speedometer,
using our dynamometer, and issue a court

approved verification of its performance.

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Trailer Wiring
Repair Electrical Shorts

At Vineland Auto Electric - We have a large inventory of electrical parts.  Gives us a call, and speak with our technical advisors on your particular needs.

American Bosch,         
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Delco Remy,               
Leece Neville,

We also carry starter drives and solenoids from Accurate, Cole-Hersee, and Prestolite


Prestolite, Powerline,
Robert Bosch.